Your ITAD in safe hands
All re-use- and recycle- expertise under one roof

Welcome to WhyWaste...

ITAD or IT asset disposition covers the entire process relating to responsible disposal of unwanted, unused, surplus ICT material.

We strive to be responsible in the broadest sense of the word. Data-destruction is a registered process, all data is securely and completely deleted. We ensure financially, ecologically and socially optimal processing of materials.

WhyWaste is a partnership between 7Digits and HKS. One has been successful in recycling and the other in refurbishing for many years. 

We first try to reuse and only then recycle, combining both specialisms in a unique way.

The motto is better cooperation and joining forces rather than reinventing the wheel.

Good reasons to leave your ITAD to WhyWaste.

  1. Data protection 100% organised

  2. Comprehensive reporting

  3. Compliant with regulations

  4. Excellent rates

  5. Complete unburdening

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