Secure ITAD through WhyWaste

Secure disposal of IT equipment

WhyWaste handles everything of Secure IT Asset Disposition (Secure ITAD), for medium-sized and large organizations and ICT hardware suppliers. We de-install or dismantle and process excess, unwanted, unused and surplus hardware, including secure data wiping. We maximize re-use, guarantee correct processing and offer a fair price for your batch of IT equipment. Naturally, we have all the knowledge, resources and required certifications, including Cenelec certificate of compliance with EN 50625 for WEEE treatment (formerly Weeelabex) and ISO27001, needed to process, reuse, recycle and destroy all your IT equipment safely, responsibly and in compliance with current legislation.

Secure ITAD for IT Asset Managers and IT suppliers

If you are an IT Asset Manager at a medium-sized or large company or you work at an IT hardware supplier or IT service provider, our ITAD services are specifically aimed at you. In addition to our professional services and responsible disposal, we will offer you a high price for your hardware. We will also designate a single contact person to you for all your ITAD-related questions.

Complete processing, sustainable, efficient and in compliance with the European Directives

Our working method is modelled on the WhyWaste collaborative partnership concept. We work with you to find an efficient, sustainable solution, without ever losing sight of your requirements as our client or current legislation and regulations. That is what WhyWaste stands for: partnership, transparency and customized services.

How does it work?

WhyWaste was created to take the entire process from de-installation to re-use and recycling out of your hands. After the quick scan, all components and products that are not re-usable will be completely recycled at our own facility. By offering this whole process ourselves, we can guarantee every step – from de-installation, transport and certified data wiping to finding a “new useful purpose” – is carried out safely and transparently.

‘We give organisations customized services through the responsible disposal of IT equipment’

All services are provided in house by trained and screened Whywaste staff. Materials are registered to the process by a tag. When the item is registered by the tag, all data is linked to it. If required, this information can be sent to you as a report.

With the highest care we erase and destroy confidential data on your equipment. This can be done by registered wiping of the data or if you prefer destruction of all data carriers.

Responsible and environmentally-friendly ITAD

An important part of our ITAD services is the responsible and environmentally friendly way we work. We are committed to processing decommissioned IT assets for re-use purposes. Resources that are not eligible for refurbishing are fully recycled and returned to the market as raw materials. Our extended reports, registered data wiping, destruction statements and clear communication guarantee your customized services.

Immediate offer for your hardware

Our optimised (S)ITAD services, high level of refurbishing and recycling, mean WhyWaste can achieve a high return on investment when disposing of your excess, surplus or end-of-life hardware. Consequently, your batch of hardware has a greater value. Ask for a quote right away!