ITAD based on ‘WhyWaste’ concept

A collaborative partnership aimed at circularity

A strong belief in a circular economy characterizes both electronics recycler and parts recovery specialist Mirec, and refurbishing specialist 7Digits. Both parties see opportunities to reduce waste in their everyday work, they joined forces in the ITAD field under the name of “Whywaste”.

Using the combined knowledge and resources of 7Digits and Mirec, we are convinced that there are many opportunities in refurbishing and recycling. This is how we adapt to the raw material shortages. This vision is reflected in WhyWaste’s daily operations, in which we aim to maximize the re-use, in their entirety or otherwise as raw materials for new products.

Your ITAD specialists

Do you have a question about disposing of your end-of-service-life / excess, unwanted, unused or surplus hardware? Or would you like to know the current value of your IT equipment? Please call one of our ITAD specialists on +31 (0)40-2508830 or send an email to:

Weeelabex, ISO27001 and other certificates

When you choose WhyWaste as your ITAD partner, you can be certain that your hardware will be disposed of safely and responsibly. We have listed our certificate and quality marks below:

Immediate offer for your hardware

Our optimised (S)ITAD services, high level of refurbishing and recycling, mean WhyWaste can achieve a high return on investment when disposing of your excess, surplus or end-of-life hardware. Consequently, your batch of hardware has a greater value. Ask for a quote right away!